Interactive Event: Green Wise Open Garden 2014 Connection × TSUNAGARU NIWA

On October 4th (Sat), GreenWise Co., Ltd. held the Green Wise Open Garden 2014 Connection × TSUNAGARU NIWA with volunteer staff and students from the Tokyo University of Agriculture at headquarter facilities.

On the day, we invited 6 families to a two-part interactive event with the theme of future lifestyle: connections between people and greenery, living things and other people.
In the 1st part: Kids’ Leaves Adventure, children took magnifying glasses and explored the garden which had been divided into 9 interactive areas such as scents, eating and searching.
Children were introduced to plants with various aromas such as chocolate, curry and lemon and learned about the role of the scent of plants. In addition, they tasted various plants to experience different tastes such as bitter, salty, spicy, sour and sweet.

The 2nd part: Leaf Art & Weed Eat saw the children producing original works of art using the colours from the leaves and flower they found in the garden. They also tried boiled and seasoned weeds and herb tea from lemongrass grown in the garden.

Participants gave great reviews of the event with comments such as: ‘I don’t come into contact with plants much so it was a really good experience’, ‘I think smelling the scent of leaves will become a habit for me’, ‘The kid’s personalities really shone through in the art works’, ‘It was great because both parents and children could participate and have fun’ and ‘I was really surprised because they won’t eat boiled and seasoned vegetables at home but they ate and enjoyed the weeds here!’

Green Wise Co., Ltd. hopes to use the power of plants to put smiles on people’s faces. In addition to the high quality greening of spaces, we want to provide green sites with high interactive value that connect people and greenery, living things and other people.