Received Gold in
JCD Design Award 2018

Green Wise has been awarded the Gold Prize in JCD Design Awards 2018 for our work in designing and implementing the storefront and interior space for Mercedes Benz Wakayama.

In collaboration with building designers Kubota Architects & Associates, the Mercedes Benz Wakayama storefront has been carefully crafted to offer customers the best possible service, from trees that give pleasant shade, flowers and bushes that change expression with the seasons, and fragrant herbs.

■JCD Design Award
JCD Design Award is a submission-based awards system established in 1974 to recognize exemplary work in interior design with focus on commercial areas. In 2003 submission guidelines were relaxed to include all of Asia, and has since grown to hold influence not only in Japan but also overseas design circles.

JCD Design Award 2018
Gold Prize

Layout design/general supervision/restaurant interior design and management: Kubota Architects & Associates
Final design/construction: Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Wakayama Office
Restaurant interior construction: Sogo Design Co., Ltd.
Garden design/construction: GREEN WISE Co., Ltd.
Client: Stern Wakayama