“Shichigahama Home-for-All” has been awarded a Ministry of the Environment Award

In the 12th “Midori Kaoru Machizukuri” Design Contest held annually by the Ministry of the Environment, Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House, a project Green Wise was involved in the garden design, has been awarded the top prize.

The “Midori Kaoru Machizukuri” Design Contest was organized by the Ministry of the Environment to encourage and recognize city and garden design that actively utilized fragrant trees and plants, creating a greener and more pleasant environment, and has been held since 2006. The winner and runner-ups are awarded with trees and plants to be used in their winning design.

We hope to use this as an opportunity to further develop and offer activities to spread greenery and fragrant scents to everyone’s homes.

Ministry of the Environment 12th Annual “Midori Kaoru Machizukuri” Design Contest
Name: Kaotte Tabete Genki wo Hagukumu Shichigahama Farm Garden (香って食べて元気を育む七ヶ浜ファームガーデン)
Participating Organizations: NPO in disaster relief RESCUE STOCK YARD (RSY)
Tetsuo Kondo Architects
Green Wise Co., Ltd.
Location: Shichigahama-cho, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture
Tetsuo Kondo Architects:Project Proposal