Workshop at Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House

Green Wise participated in a workshop held at Miyagi Prefecture, Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House.

Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House is a community center built by the NPOs Rescue Stockyard and Home-for-All, as well as many other businesses, volunteers, and members of the community as part of the restoration process after the earthquake in 2011.
At the time there were few places where locals and children could gather and play. With the completion of this center in 2017 it has become a place where both children and adults can relax and spend their day.

In the workshop, we started by explaining the steps to prepare the soil for plants with illustrations. In the painted pots workshop people freely decorated pots with their imagination. The farm was created as the practical half of the soil-making workshop by building a wooden frame in the sand of the square and mixing in black soil and organic fertilizer. For the final step we planted vegetable seedlings.

We at Green Wise hope to continue holding events with the community, from considering what kind of environment the plants would need, to enjoying and learning about plants as they grow, and working with people to create their own gardens.

Miyagi Prefecture, Miyagi District, Shichigahama “Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House”
2017. 11/11 (Sat) 1pm〜4pm