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  • 8Preserved Food Project – "Everyday Preparation"Using living preserved food – Experience from harvest to preserving, cooking and tasting

    Ended on 12th November (Sat)
    Hazuki Kajiyama[ Food Coordinator, Preserved Food Cuisine Researcher
    Works in many different fields relating to food such as producing, styling and proposing recipes for cooking for TV and advertising. Born on a farm, she was always attracted to home-made preserved foods such as the pickled vegetables or plums that she ate from a young age.

Panelist Profile

  • Hazuki Kajiyama[ Food Coordinator, Preserved Food Cuisine Researcher

    After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture, she became an exclusive assistant to the food coordinator, Maho Nagasaku. While learning mainly styling for commercials and advertising, she began to work independently.
    Since branching out on her own, Ms Kajiyama is a total food coordinator, creating, styling, proposing recipes, calculating calories and catering cuisine for TV and advertising.
    As a vegetable sommelier, she aims to create delicious food that is good for the body while maintaining a beautiful appearance. She is the type of person who has a great sense of adventure and will try anything.
    Food coordinator for Nippon Television Network's program "Himitsu no Kenmin Show".
    Participated in the Green Wise Preserved Food Project as a preserved food researcher.


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