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Slow Garden Project
Talk session: in three parts

  • 6Rooftop Gardens programd with the changing seasonsGarden Design Concepts by Dutch Landscape Designer Tom de Witte

    Ended on 11th November (Fri)
    Tom de Witte、Corinne Lecluyse

Panelist Profile

  • Mr. Tom de Witte
    omna(Sluis City, The Netherlands) ]

    After graduating from agricultural college in his native Belgium, he went to the University of Gent to study landscape design.
    Set up a design studio with Ms. Corrine Leduyse in 2000.
    Studied under the world-class landscape designer, Piet Oudolf, and is currently involved in landscape projects in his own country as well as North America and Oceania.

    Tom de Witte
  • Ms. Corinne Lecluyse

    Landscape Designer. Studied architecture at Sint Lucas in Gent and in Holland, specializing in urban design.

    Corinne Lecluyse

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