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Slow Garden Project
Talk session: in three parts

  • 5Introduction to and Initiatives in Environmental AuthenticationIntroduction to Examples of World Landscapes and the Significance of aiming to obtain the First Authorization in Japan by U.S. Landscape Architect, Masa Taguchi

    Ended on 11th November (Fri)
    EDSA, Inc. (RLA, Florida, U.S.) Senior Associate ]

Panelist Profile

  • MASA TAGUCHI[ EDSA, Inc. (RLA, Florida, U.S.) Senior Associate ]

    Landscape Architect
    Born in Yokohama in 1980. Utilizing his global experience having worked in the US and China since his student days and his knowledge of greening technology as an expert on rooftop greening, he aims to create spaces in which humans and nature can co-exist in the long term. The extent of his passion for landscapes is rare and, in addition to having a good understanding of client supply and issues, he creates landscapes that make good use of the actual nature and culture of the land. Master of Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College. Landscape architect (Florida, USA) He is currently working on landscape planning and design at EDSA in a wide range of fields from hospitality focused on hotels to public spaces.


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