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Regional Circulation-type Lifestyle Project
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  • 2Aiming for Regional Circulation of EnergyNet Plus Challenge

    Green Wise, which is based in Tama City in Tokyo, has already started initiatives for Net Plus aiming for over 100% procurement of water, food and energy within the community. This time we are focusing particularly on energy and discussing concrete ideas for creating sustainable societies and communities from the point of view of energy with guests on the front line of the environmental field and session participants.

    Ended on 9th November (Wed)
    Part 1
    Yuichi Tamaru × Yuichiro Yamakawa [ Tama Empower
    The Past, Present and Future of Green Wise
    We will have an interactive format for the image of the future as described by Project Net Plus.
    Part 2
    Junichi Sato[ Patagonia ]×Nao Suzuki[ ]×Yuichi Tamaru × Yuichiro Yamakawa [ Tama Empower
    We will discuss concrete ideas for creating sustainable energy-shift societies and communities with panelists on the front line of the environmental field and the venue audience.

Panelist Profile

  • Yuichiro Yamakawa[ Tama Empower

    President and Representative Director, Tama Empower, Inc. Born in Tama City, Tokyo in 1975. He was a professional nature guide, training environmental staff in Japan and abroad and working on regional development at the Whole Earth Nature School at the foot of Mt. Fuji for 10 years. He did a U-turn after the earthquake and joined the limited liability company, Tama Denryoku. After having worked on the construction of an urban model for the rooftop solar photovoltaic generation business with citizen funding, he started Tama Empower which he still runs today. Partner / Coordinator of the Green Wise Co., Ltd. Net Plus Project

  • Nao Suzuki
    [ Representative of NPO Greenz/

    Representative of NPO Greenz/ Chief Editor. Born in Bangkok in 1976 and brought up in Tokyo. Editor of Weekly Soto Koto for 3 years from 2002. After turning freelance, she created, a web magazine with the theme of ‘creating the future you want’ in 2006. Resides in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture. She is experimenting with living a small but great life with her family of four in a 35㎡ tiny house (with wheels). She has authored ‘Creating the future you want with your own hands’ (published by Seikaisha)

  • Junichi Sato[ Environment/Society Department Director at Patagonia Japan ]

    Born in 1977 and brought up in Saitama. His eyes were opened to environmental and social issues from his experience of living with the indigenous Tarahumara people in the north of Mexico. After returning home, he became the Executive Director of the international NGO Greenpeace Japan in 2010 working on environmental issues such as the conservation of forests and oceans, waste and nuclear energy, retiring in 2016. He is currently the Environment/Society Department Director at Patagonia Japan and works on solutions to environmental issues using business as a method.

    Junichi Sato

*We would like to welcome you to a get-together after the session closes. Please feel free to join us.

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