A rooftop garden that has been programmed according to the passage of the seasons

Based on our concept of “slow green,” we completed “Tsunagaru Niwa”, Model Garden 002, 003 on the rooftop of our headquarters in the fall of 2016. From time to time, we will be updating you about the rooftop garden and how it changes with the passage of the seasons.

Characteristics of the rooftop garden

The garden is designed and programmed for plant selection and planting position based on a comprehensive understanding of the various plants’ changing sizes, colors, shapes, and speed of growth during the year; the seasons in which they flower, fruit, or die off; and considering factors such as the color and appearance of plants once decayed. Here, pruning and fertilization are managed from a long-term perspective that also takes into account the growth and changing condition of the plants.

Implementing environmental measurement

We monitor a range of natural influences, including rainfall, surface temperature, underground temperature, humidity, wind speed, rate of drainage flow, and fixed-point growth through time-lapse observation, and collect information on such environmental changes as numerical data. Although we store rainwater for watering the plants, we do our best to avoid the need for watering. We do this by working to discover the optimal planting conditions and management methods to create an environment that enables plant growth, through our comprehensive assessment of the results of environmental measurement and plant growth transitions.

Living nature in the rooftop garden and its environs

Familiarizing ourselves with the ecosystems of various lifeforms such as insects, birds, and other plants living in the environs of the rooftop garden, we will examine the intrinsic nature of a green space in terms of relationships between local living nature and plant life, working under the theme of circulation and sustainability. We will publicly share the knowhow and application methods that we gain from this study.

Utilizing the various information, techniques, and knowhow gained from the rooftop garden and drawing on the processes and outcomes of this venture, we aim to set up green space management methods that can contribute to the curbing of global warming and the conservation of biodiversity. Through this, we will serve to reduce environmental impact and improve the environment.


Slow Green envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy the beauty of nature, just as it was always meant to be.
Slow Green is a global, grassroots movement that celebrates the beauty of organic flowers. Established in Japan by Green Wise in 2016, Slow Green
encourages local, seasonal plant growth, and promotes better ways of enjoying nature.Motivated by a respect for the natural world and a commitment to sustainability, Slow Green’s philosophy is to preserve habitats where flowers thrive naturally, and harvest them with care. Slow Green also finds beauty in leaves, shoots, berries and buds, and brings them indoors to share the miracles of nature with others.
Plants growing in nature are essential sources of biodiversity, and the seasonal abundance they produce enriches local wildlife and human communities. Slow Green cultivates flowers organically, encouraging the diversity that occurs when seeds and pollen are spread by the wind, birds or other creatures. We avoid harvesting flowers too early, allowing their colours
to deepen and their fragrances to develop naturally. Flowers grown without any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers have longer lifespans too, making it possible to enjoy them longer.
Although organic flowers are more beautiful than hothouse varieties, natural-grown flowers seldom stand straight on their own. The Slow Green concept includes hand-crafted designs for the home and garden, which are displayed in containers and baskets made by artisans. Green Wise created wire stoppers to support the flowers from within the containers and designed innovative wire stands to raise the flowers to their full heights.
Today, Green Wise is establishing a network of businesses committed to Slow Green philosophies. We collaborate with companies and institutions who share our passion for organic flowers and actively put Slow Green principles to work. Together, we can align our interests with other ‘slow’ movements to spread and enact our philosophies internationally and locally.
As we begin to share our appreciation for the gifts that nature provides, we’ll find ways to ensure that they can continue to be enjoyed in the future.

Time lapse movie