Greenhouse Yoga Studio Junglesity

Junglesity is a multi-purpose studio that utilizes a greenhouse vivid with growing plants, maintaining an optimum temperature throughout the year. People live with the support of biodiversity. We aim to even further progress with a movement to save the global environment, conserving biodiversity at a grass roots level by considering our own health and beauty and co-existence with nature in a rich environment in which urban dwellers live alongside greenery. We offer diverse types of interaction such as yoga, live acoustic performances, a café and green activities (natural circulation cultivation, etc.)


Green studio

his is a 60m² greenhouse studio vivid with growing plants, maintaining an optimum temperature throughout the year. Around 60 yoga classes a month are held allowing participants to come into contact with diverse greenery. Mosquito nets are used to keep insects at bay, enhancing comfort. In addition, the studio floor is made from Japanese cedar sourced in Tama.

Indoor studio

This 40m² studio is used in the summer from June – September. Comfortable conditions are offered for summer yoga with a view of the beautiful garden. (Fully-equipped with air-conditioning)


This is the beautiful lawn garden. On days when the weather is good, take your yoga mats outside and do yoga on the natural lawn.


his is a small yoga studio with a limit of 200 members. Members are required to show their membership card. Visitors are required to give their name. Yoga mat rental is also available. Changing rooms are available. (There are no shower facilities.)


jungle sity

In Green Wise, 2-2-2 Sannoshita, Tama-shi, Tokyo
25 free parking places are available
Club enquiries: 050-3740-3245
Junglesity direct line (Mon – Fri 9:00-12:00)
Operating company: BEACH TOWN Inc.

15 mins walk from Tama Center Station on the Odakyu and Keio Lines
9 mins walk from Matsugaya Station on the Tama Monorail