Growing the Future Sustainably

As the floriculture industry joins the fight for a sustainable planet, the world’s flowers may be the only ammunition we need. Flowers, shrubs and trees are an eternal resource, providing life-sustaining oxygen, nourishment and a perpetual source of beauty. Meadows are places of great biodiversity, where nature replenishes the Earth as plant species flourish and thrive.

Although many in our industry are taking a responsible approach, the environmental damage associated with chemically-cultivated flowers is threatening the delicate balance nature maintains. This is why Green Wise celebrate the natural beauty and spontaneous shapes that characterise organic flowers. We also find beauty in wild berries, buds, shoots and leaves, and harvest them sustainably to share their beauty with others.


Milano Fuori Salone 2019

This season, Green Wise present the ‘Stem’ exhibition, curated to encourage local, seasonal plant growth and better ways of enjoying nature. As ‘Stem’ showcases flowers and accessories that promote respect for the natural world, the exhibition provides insights into a future where flowers thrive naturally and are harvested with care. Each flower carries this message within it, expressed by stems that twist to face the sun and flex to follow the wind. The exhibition’s ‘Spiral Up’ display concept was inspired by these movements, aligning contemporary design with the enduring beauty of nature. When allowed to grow naturally, flower stems revitalise all of nature as they propagate blossoms and buds. Green Wise invite visitors to share our dedication to organic flowers and join our journey into the sustainable future.

The ‘Stem’ exhibition was inspired by Green Wise’s ‘Slow Green’ initiative, a grass roots movement recognized by organic flower-growers throughout the world. We encourage the industry to discourage chemically-cultivated hothouse flowers and replace them with organic varieties grown in natural habitats. The appreciation of these organic plants is transforming the concepts of beauty and sustainability, making them more inclusive as a result.

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April 14, 2019


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