Vegetables harvested at Green Wise come from TSUNAGARU NIWA.
In the fields on the headquarters site named TSUNAGARU NIWA, we grow vegetables with the concept of connecting people, living things and nature.
We have included innovations such as leaving weeds around the fields so that creatures can live there even in transplantation periods when there are no crops in the fields. This has become a place where people connect with each other through events using the fields. At one of our events, the preserved foods event, we start by preparing the soil in the fields and harvest the vegetables, prepare preserved foods and taste seasonal vegetables. Green Wise wants to connect to the wider community and spread the habit of preserved food in everyday life rather than it being a special thing in preparation for an unexpected event.
TSUNAGARU NIWA: connecting people and nature, people and living creatures, people with people and nature and living creatures. We offer tasting of freshly harvested vegetables, the colorful scenery of the beautiful fields and the enjoyment of seasons to people.