Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store

GREEN WISE has been creating and managing green spaces for Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store since its establishment in 1969. Currently, the green space at Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store, a typical Japanese store, always demands the realization of a high lever of safety, comfort and beauty. Green Wise utilizes the technology and knowledge it has accumulated over the years in order to work towards achieving this. It has also been an early adopter of new technology such as authentic rooftop greening using artificial lightweight soil for one of the first rooftop gardens on its headquarters in 1975 and large-scale wall greening of the west building, completed in 1994. More recently, we have set ourselves new challenges such as the construction of green eaves at Marronier Court designed by the architect Kengo Kuma, the creation of a grassy hill space in the large-scale renovation of the rooftop greening on the main building that had been completed over 40 years previously, the greening of a 270m2 façade and the emergence of a green wall at Ivy’s Place since construction was completed. Furthermore, as an initiative to interest and familiarize customers with greenery rather than just focusing on the technical side of greening, we hold miniature family nature walk workshops seven times a year taken by staff who have a good knowledge of plants and organisms so that visitors can experience the charm of the rooftop garden and enjoy nature close at hand. Visitors can rediscover the charm of nature with different seasonal themes and the garden also has a great reputation as a place for children to interact.

Certification, received award.

Environmental Green Evaluation System) individual Urban Oasis category
– a space rich in greenery where people can relax and feel at ease.