Atelier Vierkant

A Flemish man by the name of Willy Janssen established Atelier Vierkant in 1992 in the Belgian port town of Bruges in order create the world’s only square terracotta pots which were traditionally round.
Since then, the Atelier’s simple but elegant planters and objets with presence have continued to fascinate well-known architects and landscape architects across the world. The biggest advantage of the Atelier’s products is that each one is hand-made individually and therefore unique.
From planning and design to production and packing – a principle of consistency that makes sure that human eyes and hands are involved in all processes. That is why Atelier Vierkant is so reliable. Craftsmanship that demonstrates a full knowledge of the profession and techniques such as clay mixing and firing. The stance of making use of the five human senses while connecting to the grandiose presence of nature. Family management style.
Green Wise Co., Ltd. is very pleased to be able to introduce Atelier Vierkant’s values to Japan and we feel it is our mission.