Mother’s day POST
– Shared Garden of Wind and Green –

Vol.4 of workshop event at Akasaka Intercity AIR was “Mother’s Day”, and the whole workshop was programmed to center around all the mothers of the world; wherever they maybe, living with you, close by, or far away.

Two workshops were programmed, the first one, being a workshop where participants made a pressed flower decorated post card. The pressed flowers were all hand-made by Green Wise, and laid out in small boxes for the participants to pick and design on their post cards.

In the current digitalized world, we sometimes forget how important it is to personalize a message with your own decorations and hand-writings, and this was a workshop to send your most personal love to the mothers.

The second workshop was organized to have the mothers themselves enjoy, by making aroma-filled wax sachet. All the dry flower materials were also hand made by Green Wise’s flower shop “Sprout”. Having seen so many refreshed smiles and joyful faces, taking a little bit of fun minutes out in the work space is surely a key to happier and more productive work hours.

Shared Garden of Wind and Green
Workshop: May 8 (Wed) ~ 9 (Thur) 2019

Akasaka Intercity AIR
1-8-1 Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo