“Urban Farm” at Pasona Group Inc.

Green Wise has carried out the greening of the walls, balcony, and interior space (not including rice paddies and vegetable cultivation devices) of “Urban Farm,“ opened in March 2nd 2010 in the headquarters of Pasona Group (Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku) of Pasona Group Inc. (Contractor: NOMURA Co., Ltd.)

Build around the concept of “co-existence with nature,” we have created a space filled with the vitality of plants. With over 80 species of fruit trees and vegetables on the ceiling and inside walls of the building, and over 200 species of plants on the balcony and outside walls, this space soothes not only the employees inside but those passing outside. In addition, the vegetables nurtured by each and every staff can be enjoyed not only visually but through the cafeteria, contributing to the self-sufficiency of the building.

[Walls and Balcony]
Deciduous species such as roses and wisteria make up the base of the green walls. The plants’ dynamic vitality was expressed with the plants seemingly reaching up all the way from the 2nd to the 9th floor. In the summer the plants would block the harsh rays of the sun. In the winter they would allow the light to enter inside, increasing heat efficiency of the building. Flowers bloom and fade, conveying the passing of the seasons to passerby. One characteristic of the green walls is that they were designed to be enjoyed from both the inside and the outside. Urban Farm’s green walls along with its green roof has been approved and subsidized under the 2009 Cool City Center Block Pilot Program.

[Interior and Office Space]
Inside office space was transformed into a green space by setting vegetables, fruit trees, and foliage plants in all manner of places, from the ceiling to the walls. Office workers are able to observe the changing of the seasons and the growth of vegetables without setting a foot outside.

Location: Pasona Group Inc.
Pasona Group Headquarters, “Urban Farm”
2-6-4 Otemachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
※Urban Farm’s original address, Gofukubashi Building, was closed in June 2017 and subsequently demolished. Pasona Group Inc. has moved to the new location.