Shared Garden of Wind and Green

The workshop “Shared Garden of Wind and Green” was held to celebrate the first anniversary of Akasaka Intercity AIR.

The workshop was built around the concept of “sharing,” and was designed to connect people with the garden. Green Wise was in charge of the overall management and execution of the workshop including posters and logo design, decorations, and setup of plants, workshop tables, and stalls.

We created a space that calls to mind the feel of the woods by using Japanese cypress for the workshop tables and stalls and bringing inside garden greenery through the decorations. New spaces could be created as needed with wheeled polygonal planters made from the same Japanese cypress as the tables and stalls.

Olive branches, longstalk holly, hawthorn, and rosemary—trimmings from Akasaka Intercity AIR’s garden “Intercity Garden”—were used as materials in the workshop and turned into wreaths and swag wreaths. Each participant made two, one for keeping and the other as a gift to a special person. For the duration of the event these wreaths, along with message cards for the giftees, were set up inside the building as part of the decorations.

The trees used for decoration are to be planted inside Intercity Garden. By the second and third anniversary, these trees will become a part of Akasaka Intercity AIR and help create a space that soothes the people working there.

It is our wish this event serves as an occasion for the office workers to feel closer to the natural green around them.

Shared Garden of Wind and Green
Event decorations: Sept 27th (Thur) ~ Oct 14th (Sun) 2018
Workshop: Oct 4 (Thur) ~5 (Fri) 2018

Akasaka Intercity AIR
1-8-1 Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo