Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier was developed with the collaboration of interior designers and artists under the central concept of “to connect,” providing a place for visitors to experience and enjoy “Nihonbashi Value” with their five senses.

Nihonbashi was historically a cultural hub where cultural properties and heritage from all over Japan gathered in one place. Nurtured in such a rich environment, Nihonbashi culture continues to live on in modern times in its high craftmanship and Edo spirit. Here, “Nihonbashi Value” is used as a term for Nihonbashi’s value and appeal where tradition and innovation continue to mix and evolve.

The hotel’s interior design is set as “Modern Oriental.” It is our hope that visitors to Japan can enjoy and wonder at the fusion of far east tradition and modern design during their stay.

Green Wise was in charge of interior plant design and execution. The layout design was carefully considered from all angles, going through multiple consultations with interior design and art professionals. The theme of “Modern Oriental” was expressed utilizing the artistry of potted plants, which evolved as part of Edo townspeople’s culture.

In the inner court of the hotel Atelier Vierkant’s hand-worked earthenware blocks are arranged to represent a massive pot in which plants are planted to match the seasons. A large wooden pedestal with white enkianthus shrubs was placed in the terrace facing the traditional Japanese restaurant Nihonbashi Asada, artfully arranged to resemble a tray of Japanese cuisine. In the terrace facing the hotel lounge, glasswork by artist Tomohiro Kano was used as a substitute for garden-stones, re-interpreting traditional courtyard design in the spirit of “Modern Oriental.”

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier
3-4-4 Muromachi,
Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,