Taiyo Kogyo Corporation New Facility
MakMax Experience Center

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation is a pioneer in the field of architectural membranes and is the world’s leading tensile architecture contractor. In architecture, “membrane” refers to a special tent material that is light, durable, and translucent. It opens the way for imaginative structure design that cannot be realized with conventional reinforced concrete. Lightweight with high safety, it is expected to prevent and mitigate disaster damage. The material allows sunlight to pass through, making it ideal for large open spaces and helping reduce carbon footprint. Taiyo Kogyo membrane technology is used around the world in 31 countries for stadiums, commercial buildings, transportation facilities, exhibition halls, and more.

Taiyo Kogyo provides a wide range of products and services, from structure planning, design, and construction, to pollution prevention membranes and membrane containers.


Taiyo Kogyo Corporation
4-8-4 Kikawahigashi, Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka, 532-0012

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