Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House Updates

Shichigahama Home-for-All Kizuna House is a community center built by the NPOs Rescue Stockyard and Home-for-All, as well as many other businesses, volunteers, and members of the community as part of the restoration process after the earthquake in 2011.
At the time there were few places where locals and children could gather and play. With the completion of this center in 2017 it has become a place where both children and adults can relax and spend their day.

This page will be regularly updated on the many green activities Green Wise holds with Home-for-All Kizuna House.

News! ”Shichigahama Home-for-All” has been awarded a Ministry of the Environment Award!

Workshop 1: Let's learn about the secrets of soil!

November 11, 2017 (Saturday)

What lives in the soil? What effects do they have on the soil? This workshop was comprised of both classroom and outdoor practical components.
After learning about the natural processes of soil in the classroom, the practical involved building viable soil and a small vegetable farm to grow on it. Future workshops will involve preparing healthy preserved food in times of disaster using the vegetables grown in this farm.

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Workshop 2: Let's plant a landmark tree!

April 28, 2018 (Saturday)

This workshop included planting the trees received as part of the prize for winning the Ministry of the Environment contest, as well as a herbal tea classroom where participants made their own original blend. The largest trees are over 6m tall and will serve as a landmark for emergency shelter during disasters, while fruit-bearing shrubs will become food sources.

Nagoya-based companies Iwama Garden Create Co., Ltd and Oshima Landscape Construction Co., Ltd graciously provided their services in transporting and transplanting the tallest trees, which required heavy equipment. Many thanks to the two companies and NPO Rescue Stockyard for introducing us to them.

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Workshop 3: Let's learn plant names!

June 3, 2017 (Sunday)

This workshop included planting the second half of the trees received as prize for winning the Ministry of the Environment contest. A lesson on academic plant names was given, in addition to a handcraft session on making tree tags out of wood blocks.

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Workshop 4: Happy First Anniversary & Plant Festival!

July 21, 2018 (Saturday)

First anniversary of Kizuna House, which was built to help reconstruct the community after the earthquake!

Other than the ceremony there were bingo tournaments and candy catching, and food such as curry, shaved ice, and hot pizza fresh from the pizza oven!

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Workshop 5: Let's appreciate the Green!

November 3, 2018 (Saturday)

Finally, the vegetables we seeded in the summer are ready to harvest!
Sesame seeds, Pearl barley, peanuts, tomatoes, green peppers, and potatoes; using what was harvested we learned how to preserve them so as not to waste the precious rewards. We also learned how to make a compost, using every bit of nature to relay the life back into the soil.

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Workshop 6: Let's find edible grass!

December 8, 2019 (Sunday)

Weeds are actually playing quite a roll in the natural world, like holding the soil together preventing erosion, keeping pests at bay, and covering the ground from direct sun light so the surface doesn’t dry up easily. Within what we call weeds, are edible grass, such as Oxalis, common vetch, ripple grass, wormwood, clover, dandelion, and purslane, which were also found in the garden. We learned how to distinguish them, and cook them, passing on a grandmother’s wisdom and recipe.

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