Ebisu Business Tower Entrance Tree

For the entrance to the Ebisu Business Tower, we installed a large everfresh tree (height 4.5m, width 2.5m).

Our client for this case had taken a great liking to the everfresh tree, and this installation was a work 6 months in the making. To install such a large tree in the entrance, we needed to consult on the design with the building owner’s architects. The planter was custom-made, and tree growth and delivery schedules adjusted to deliver the tree in the best condition.

Although indoors, the tree is set in a position where it receives plenty of sunlight. In this environment many new buds have formed and it is growing healthily.

Completion and start of maintenance: March 2017

Ebisu Business Tower
1-19-19 Ebisu,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo