JOINUS TERRACE Futamatagawa, a commercial building run by Sotetsu Holdings, had its grand opening on April 27th, 2018 (Fri).

Based around the concept of “a center for a new lifestyle,” there are over 90 stores, from cafés and restaurants to clothing, fashion accessories, and household goods. The interior is designed with a lavish amount of wood, giving it a warm atmosphere. The building was built to complement nearby parks and green areas, and it aims to become a landmark for the center of a lively city.

Green Wise headed the interior plant placement as well as the blueprint drafting and construction of the rooftop garden. Green Wise conducts regular maintenance of the rooftop garden and green events.

A different feel for each floor

In JOINUS TERRACE, we have selected our plants to have a distinct theme on each floor.

The second floor, which connects directly to the train station and is a passageway for both people and air, is dubbed the “dappled light floor.” The plants on this floor have small leaves that sway with the passing of people and wind, mimicking the dappled light in a forest.
The third floor is titled “fashionable green” and populated with arresting plants full of character, to be enjoyed side-by-side with shopping.
The fourth floor is where the fashion stores and restaurants are and is called the “happy green floor.” Round leafed plants give the floor a merry look, perfect for a place to meet and enjoy the company of family and friends.
On the fifth floor is a book store and a nursery. This floor is the “unique green floor.” Here are the plants full of character with unique shapes. On this floor we hope to provide a relaxing environment that encourages unfettered self-expression.

When visiting JOINUS TERRACE, we invite all to experience and enjoy the different plant themes on each floor.

Everyone’s “Green Green” Terrace

JOINUS TERRACE’s rooftop garden “Green Green Terrace” takes its name from the the commercial building that stood before JOINUS TERRACE, “Green Green.” More than the name, the bright color scheme of the floor of the rooftop garden echoes that of the old building, in the wish that JOINUS TERRACE will be as beloved by the community as “Green Green” was.

The flower beds on the rooftop garden are designed so that every change in the seasons brings new delights in a seamless relay. Seed and bulb planting events are held regularly, making the garden a place for the whole community, both young and old, to gather. In addition to enjoying the plants when they are growing, workshops for making pressed flowers and herbariums are also held, bringing new ways to appreciate flowers.

2-50-14 Futamatagawa,
Asahi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa