Rooftop Garden: Family Nature Walk

In Tamagawa Takashimaya SC, there is a rooftop garden managed by Green Wise.

Built with the concept of a “kid’s garden,” it is a space where children can run around freely. The total area makes it one of the largest in Japan. The natural turf can be enjoyed year-round, and the refreshing breeze from the Tama River makes it a comfortable resting spot. An event making use of this green environment is the “Tamagawa Takashimaya SC: Family Nature Walk,” held periodically by Green Wise and sponsored by Tamagawa Takashimaya SC.


“Tamagawa Takashimaya SC: Family Nature Walk” is a mini-lecture class taught by a professional, aimed to teach the appeal of rooftop gardens and increase appreciation for nearby nature. Every class is tailored to the current season, and participants walk around the rooftop garden and experience the wonders of nature. Games using plants and craft workshops are also incorporated into the lesson.

In the class held on March 31st, 65 children and their parents gathered under clear skies to make an Easter Bunny out of materials gathered from the rooftop garden. Parents and their children worked together to pick berries from the trees and find leaves while listening to the lecture, and put it all together to create their bunny. Many unique and wonderful bunnies were made!

In the post-class survey we conducted, we received many high reviews with comments such as, “It was very fun, since normally we wouldn’t get the chance to actually touch leaves and smell them while listening to an explanation,” “we often come here as a family, but we didn’t know the names of the trees. We were able to enjoy it as a family,” and “it was great de-stressor.”

Please check the Tamagawa Takashimaya SC Homepage for a schedule of future events.

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