cocoon athletics

“cocoon athletics,” an outdoors/indoors hybrid sports club located in the grounds of Cocoon City near Saitama-Shintoshin, has newly opened.

In “cocoon athletics,” not only can you enjoy an indoors program (such as yoga, pilates, and rock climbing) in a wide-open space full of greenery, but also an outdoors program centered around Cocoon City (running, jogging, etc). Furthermore, it is used as a starting point for “Cycle Life” in a town with little elevation change. The attached cafe lounge can be used by everyone and doubles as a community space.

Green Wise partnered with the architectural design company Frame Design Ltd. and was responsible for the design and construction of the outside facilities. Our design concept was “an open space and plant design that encourages a variety of activities.” We used a hardy turf species for the grassy plaza and planted herbs and fruit trees around the perimeter, to be used in events. Plants were also planted between the fences so the greenery could be enjoyed by those passing outside. Put together, it created a spacious area full of green conductive to many activities.


cocoon athletics

Completed construction: Aug 2017
Address: 4-241-2 Kishiki-cho, Oomiya-ku, Saitama-shi (Inside Cocoon City)
Business operator:Katakura Industries Co.,Ltd
Management business:BEACH TOWN Ltd.
Architecture design:Frame Design Ltd.
Contractor:Naito House Corporation
Garden design:GREEN WISE Co.,Ltd
Garden construction:GREEN WISE Co.,Ltd