Mercedes Benz Wakayama Grand Opening Flower Stands

Opening flower stand idea, design, and production

Grand opening flower stands are usually arranged separately by each sender, and although each flower arrangement stands out in its own beautiful way, there is no unity in their tastes and styles when they are displayed at the site, and they often look scattered. But for the Mercedes Benz Wakayama opening, GREEN WISE arranged one complete piece of flower display, fit for the grand opening of the showroom, representing the sponsors for this project.

Banyan tree was used as center piece for the display, symbolic of longevity and representing the spiritual aspirations. The ornaments were placed around the tree to look like the Banyan spirits dancing with celebration. The flowers were arranged in the hue of ocean blue to tie it with the opening day, which was a national holiday of Marine day.

Site Information

Mercedes Benz Wakayama
Completion : July, 2017

Address : 5-1535, Kemi, Wakayama city, 641-0014
Client : Mercedes Benz Wakayama