Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2017

Green Wise and Sfera had a collaborative exhibition ‘Perception -slow green’ as an official program of Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2017.
As a main installation, a number of wild orchids were lit-up by Shinto ritual articles, such as mirror objects, creating a space in the dark where the audience could enjoy using their five senses to explore scent, sound, and touch. Additionally, contemporary crafts that could be used as containers for wild orchids, made of ceramics, metal, wood, was displayed.

Finger foods which embody the concept of the installation were served at the opening night to the audience to enjoy using their sense of taste.

Sfera Building 2F
17 Benzaiten-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0086

Oct 6 (Fri)~Oct 22 (Sun) 2017


Food coordinator
Hazuki Kajiyama

Film maker
Yohei Cogi

Candle manufacturer

Food Installation Menu

Sea bream carpaccio topped with grapes
White potatoes cooked with Japanese pepper and butter
Sea bream grilled with cypress bark
Roasted tea rice
Manganji pepper brûlée

Comments from cooking expert Hazuki Kajiyama

Through this event I was given the opportunity to visit the farmers in Kyoto and observe how they cultivated their crops. I was surprised to see how each vegetable had their own unique flavor depending on the farmers that grew them. When cooking those vegetables I decided to keep to simple dishes to best present the taste of the vegetables.

The running theme was “perception.” I tried to create dishes that allowed people to enjoy the vegetables through all five senses; whether deliberately boiling them on the hard side so that each bite and chew slowly brought out the vegetable’s original taste, both bitter and sweet, or making them into a paste and using it as a strong base flavor. I received all kinds of feedback from the visitors and it was a learning experience for me.

With the experience from this event I wish to keep challenging myself.