Mercedes Benz Wakayama

Mercedes Benz, first resort-style showroom in Japan.

Mercedes Benz opened their first resort-setting showroom in the bay area of Wakayama Marina City, in July 2017. The place does not end in just a show room and a retail store, but a complex that facilitates an authentic restaurant, and a garden where visitors can stroll around to enjoy the resort settings and the breeze from the bay.

GREEN WISE took part in designing the land scape and the garden, making the place look vibrant and alive by planting herbs and various flowers to leave traces of fresh scent in the air and colors to the eyes of the visitors. The plants were carefully selected considering the occasional strong gust of breeze from the sea side, and trees were selected so the garden will change its texture and colors with the passing of the seasons.

Site Information

Mercedes Benz Wakayama
Completion : July, 2017

Address : 5-1535, Kemi, Wakayama city, 641-0014
Client : Mercedes Benz Wakayama
Architectural Design : Kubota Architects & Associates
Garden Design : Green Wise Co., Ltd.
Landscape Construction : Green Wise Co., Ltd.